One of the reasons why enthusiasts love solid stone bath tubs is because of their unique and distinctive appearance. Daro’s products are made from solid blocks of stone with completely different lines, patterns, and colors. You cannot find these masterpieces in nature or create similar works of art using modern machinery.

High-end marble stone bath tubs.

The multi-colored veins bring a unique beauty to each design

Marble, also known as Carrara Marble, is a high aesthetic stone with numerous multi-colored veins on its surface.

Solid marble bath tubs resemble a beautiful natural painting with various colors such as white, cream, black, purple, blue, pink, gray, and more. Therefore, you can freely choose from diverse designs, combining with any architectural style from modern, medieval to classic

Solid Onyx stone bath tub

Onyx has many different colors, with white and cream tones being the most popular.

Solid Onyx stone is made from raw and durable particles. They come in a variety of colors such as pink, red, green, brown, and black.

Although not as hard as marble and granite, solid Onyx stone bath tubs have a unique characteristic. When light shines on them, they create a reflective effect, highlighting the stone’s veins and bringing a vivid, 3D-like pattern to life

A small note when using a solid Onyx stone bath tub is to avoid direct sunlight exposure. This can affect the color and durability of the product

A solid stone bath tub made from Travertine

The beauty of simplicity and closeness to nature.

Travertine is a natural stone found in limestone caves or hot springs. Unlike the multi-colored appearance of granite or marble, it has its own unique beauty, which is simple, rustic and close to nature

At first glance, the bathtubs made of Travertine stone may seem rough and primitive, but they exude a strange allure. They bring a sense of intimacy, helping you blend in with nature, so they are often used in beauty spas, outdoor resorts spaces…