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Order on request

Daro is a manufacturer – a place where you can create a unique product for your bathroom space, to serve customers in the best way possible through our distinctiveness.

With the development of architecture and interior design, designers increasingly seek custom order solutions to create unique, sophisticated, and luxurious bathroom spaces for their clients.

Custom orders :

  • Help interior designers create a bathroom space that suits their design style. You can customize the size, shape, and color of the bathtub, sink, washbasin, and vanity to fit design requirements.
  • Create a difference and stand out in their projects.
  • Create consistency between the bathroom space and the entire interior design style. .

And hotel and resort projects play an important role in attracting tourists. To meet customer demand, the investor needs to create a high-class and convenient bathroom space:

  • Custom orders are an excellent solution to create the perfect bathroom space for their customers.
  • Create a difference from competitors.

Below are some reference images that you can develop ideas with Daro’s team and turn them into real products. And you can enjoy the fruit of your labor with the Daro team.