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The top 4 beautiful and popular natural stone sinks today

Many people are often confused about which natural stone sink to choose when they have a need for it. This is a matter of great concern to many people nowadays. Understanding this, Daro shares the top 4 outstanding sinks that are popular below.

Why is natural stone sink so popular? It can be said that among many types of sinks, those made of natural stone are the most popular. Because of the following reasons.

Unique product

You may not know that each type of stone sink is a unique masterpiece. It is crafted from natural stone slabs extracted from nature. Therefore, it possesses very different patterns, vein lines and colors. This helps create diversity and impressiveness for each product. One thing for sure is that it is very difficult to find a sink that is exactly the same.

Natural stone sinks are widely used

Diverse materials

Nature offers many types of stone with different characteristics. This has brought diversity to the product. The sink made from a certain type of stone will have the advantages of that stone.


The sink is a daily-used device in life. Therefore, it needs to ensure absolute safety. Instead of using products made from artificial materials, natural stone is the optimal choice. Not only is it safe, but it also does not contain harmful chemicals. Therefore, you can be more assured when choosing and using it for a long time.

4 types of natural stone sinks that many people choose

For those who are wondering which sink model to choose, please refer to the following products.

Marble sink

This is a lavabo model that is loved by many people for its impressive beauty. It is made from imported natural Granite stone from Europe, ensuring a fairly high quality.

After the stone is processed and cut, it becomes a lavabo with a unique shape. Depending on the needs, each person can choose the most suitable size. In addition, it also has many models and colors for different styles.

ONYX lavabo is another popular type of natural stone lavabo. It is highly valued for its unique beauty and luxurious appearance. ONYX is a rare and expensive type of natural stone that is often used in high-end interior design projects.

The ONYX lavabo is made from thin slabs of ONYX stone that are carefully cut and shaped to create a stunning and seamless basin. The translucent quality of the ONYX stone allows it to glow when illuminated, giving the lavabo a truly captivating and mesmerizing effect.

Because ONYX is a relatively soft stone, it requires special care and maintenance to keep it looking its best. However, with proper care, an ONYX lavabo can last for decades and become a true centerpiece of any bathroom

Natural stone has created an extremely durable and sturdy product in the form of the Cuoi stone lavabo. Thanks to the combination of many natural materials, this lavabo model features highly impressive vein patterns and motifs, making it a challenging task to find a product with a beauty comparable to this lavabo.

Moreover, the product possesses many outstanding features, including excellent waterproof, heat resistance, and load-bearing capabilities.

Apart from the aforementioned products, users also love lavabos made from slate stone. The processing units hollow out the stone slabs to create the sink. It possesses a natural and earthy look with a variety of natural colors.

Placing this lavabo in a room will enhance the beauty and luxury of the space. The product is suitable for many different spaces. These are the popular natural stone lavabo models that are commonly used today. Hopefully, after considering these options, each person will make the right choice.